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Watching the Wayward: Psalms for Parents of Prodigals

Available on Amazon (or wherever you like to buy your books)

  • 62 prayer poems - Gut  talks with God from the trenches

  • 519 supplemental scriptures - Further biblical backbone supporting the psalms

  • 168 journaling questions - Opportunity to interact and personalize the journey

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Wendy Gorton Hill's voice is rich and engaging. It is a healing balm for parents of prodigals. I wish my mother and father could have read Hill's poetry when I was a prodigal son.

Dr. Lyle W. Dorsett, Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism Emeritus, Samford University, and author of biographies of C.S. Lewis, E.M. Bounds, Dwight L. Moody, and Billy Sunday

Lovely... honest, Christ seeking, healing. The words dance.

Sarah Suzanne Noble, poet and author of I Cry Unto You, O Lord: Poems of Lament

The poems are very relatable, beautifully varied, and paired with the scripture progression... are filled with hope and sympathy. The images struck a chord!

Karen Pommier, job coach for Safe Harbor in Hickory, NC, helping women escape addiction and abuse

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