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Encouraging Interview About My Book

Are you needing encouragement in parenting a wayward child? Do you feel you are struggling alone? Maybe my testimony will uplift you. In this Prepare Podcast interview, Heather Hanton's questions about my book highlight the timeless truth that, no matter what struggle you face, God has a purpose and is present in your journey.

Referring to my poem, "Frequent Flyer on If Only Airlines," we discuss the common desire to rewind the clock and do things differently. In our "if only," we suggest ways God could have intervened. Yet, nothing takes God by surprise! Nothing slips under His radar! And we accomplish nothing in rehearsing the "if only." The key is to turn it around to an "only if" and submit to His perfect plan.

We talk, too, about the tensions we often face when personal baggage complicates our responses. Often walking into the chaos of a wilderness leads to recognizing the cathedral of His sustenance. God relentlessly pursues us and our individual stories demonstrate His enduring love. Whether you are dealing with a mental health issue or a parenting challenge, these words will bring hope and support. Please take time to listen at

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